Licensing Info

All samples in the Drums That Knock series are royalty free, you have a royalty free license to use any of the samples.
    You may not use any samples from Drums That Knock sounds in a sample pack, or resell the sounds in any way. Even if they are tweaked and edited. These sounds are intended for use in musical compositions.
      You may not use any of the samples as standalone sound effects or loops or create samples to compete with DECAP or Drums That Knock.
        You may not redistribute, transfer, stream, broadcast any of the Drums That Knock samples.
          When using Drums That Knock, you maintain ownership of your composition, but DECAP & Drums That Knock exclusively own the copyright to all of the samples.
            You may not credit or list DECAP or Drums That Knock as a creator of the work you make with the samples, or use DECAP or Drums That Knock in any your marketing materials.